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Property Damage Restoration Services in Pittsburgh, PA

Life is full of surprises. Anyone that owns or manages a property can certainly attest to this. When commercial property owners encounter the unexpected, they can turn to the fully licensed and insured professionals at Massaro Restoration for complete property damage restoration services in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.    


Servicing both regional, commercial, and industrial properties, Massaro Restoration specializes in fire and smoke damage restoration, water damage restoration, and property repairs related to wind and storm damage.


In addition to restoring properties, we also minimize health risks to your building’s tenants, with our mold removal and remediation services, mildew control, and the safe removal of hazardous waste and materials following sewage and flood damage.


Since unforeseen events can occur at any hour of the day or night, our damage restoration services are available to you 24/7. You can count on the expert technicians at Massaro Restoration Services for prompt and courteous service. Not only do we restore your property, we also restore peace of mind in moments of panic and despair. Simply put, there is nothing we can’t undo.


Massaro Restoration offers a range of complete property damage restoration services in the Pittsburgh region. We know better than anyone that the threat of property damage from fire, smoke, wind, storms, and flooding is very real and can happen suddenly with very little warning. We pride ourselves on being here for you quickly in this time of need. We ensure your property is properly rebuilt on time and within budget for full livability, functionality, and safe occupancy. Click below for additional information.

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Commercial business owners must be prepared for any and all potential business disruptions – from inclement weather to natural disasters to terroristic threats. Massaro Restoration helps our commercial customers build a free customized Emergency Preparedness Plan Priority Extreme to ensure you stay in business no matter what. Click below for additional information.

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