What to do in the
Event of Extreme Conditions

Extended Power Loss

In the event of an extended power loss to a facility, certain precautionary measures should be taken depending on the geographical location and environment of the facility:

  • Unnecessary electrical equipment and appliances should be turned off in the event that power restoration would surge, causing damage to electronics and effecting sensitive equipment.
  • Facilities with freezing temperatures should turn off and drain the following lines in the event of a long term power loss
    • Fire sprinkler system
    • Standpipes
    • Portable water lines
    • Toilets
  • Add propylene-glycol to drains to prevent traps from freezing
  • Equipment that contains fluids that may freeze due to long term exposure to freezing temperatures should be moved to heated areas, drained of liquids, or provided with auxiliary heat sources.

Upon Restoration of Heat and Power:

  • Electronic equipment should be brought up to ambient temperatures before energizing to prevent condensate from forming on circuitry
  • Fire and potable water piping should be checked for leaks from freeze damage after the heat has been restored to the facility and water turned back on.
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