What to do in the
Event of Extreme Conditions


The nature of a hurricane provides for more warning than other natural and weather disasters. A hurricane watch is issued when a hurricane becomes a threat to a coastal area. A hurricane warning is issued when hurricane winds of 74mph or higher, or a combination of dangerously high water and rough seas, are expected within 24 hours.

Once a hurricane watch has been issued:

  • Stay calm and await instructions from the Emergency Coordinator or designated official.
  • Continue to Monitor
  • Moor any boats securely or move to a safe place if time allows
  • Dispatch early out of low-lying areas or from the coast at the request of officials
  • If you’re on high ground, (away from the coast) and plan to stay, secure the building, move all loose items indoors and board up windows and openings
  • Collect drinking water in appropriate containers.

Once a hurricane warning has been issued:

  • Be ready to evacuate as directed by the Emergency Coordinator or designated official
  • Leave areas that might be affected by storm tide or stream flooding

During a hurricane:

  • Remain indoors and consider the following:
    • Small interior rooms on the lowest floor and without windows
    • Hallways on the lowest floor away from doors and windows
    • Rooms constructed with reinforced concrete, brick, or block with no windows
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