Emergency Services

Restore facility to pre-loss condition from emergency safety board-up to repairs, including smoke and odor removal, to rebuilding. Learn more


Stabilize air quality to pre-bacteria condition by determining mold type, proper removal and repair source of moisture. Learn more


Urgent response to stabilize your facility after storms or natural disasters. Repair and rebuild services available. Learn more


After smoke damage has occurred, Massaro Restoration Services, LLC is prepared to assist. Learn more


Dry and dehumidify your facility to get back to a safe working condition after flooding, broken water pipes or ice damming. Repair and rebuild services available. Learn more

Additional Services
  • Demolition and Reconstruction
  • Consulting
  • Books and Vital Records
  • Electronics and Machinery
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Priority Extreme

Massaro offers the Priority Extreme program to our clients because disasters are always unforeseen and in many cases unavoidable. We want you to help you take the steps necessary to ensure that if a disaster strikes your property we can remediate and resolve the issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

At its core, Priority Extreme is designed to help our clients within the business community to establish a Pre-Disaster Plan. We believe that by being proactive, working with local response teams (such as the local Red Cross, fire departments, etc) and utilizing a thorough pre-disaster plan, you will be able to recover quickly, safely, and with the least impact on your business.

Priority Extreme Programs Allows:

  • Quicker response times which reduce the amount of property damage and minimize the disruption and financial loss to your business.
  • A peace of mind knowing that your business will be handled by an experienced team in a professional manner.
  • Assurance that Massaro will have your information on-line and in some instances will have already visited your property and designed a customized and comprehensive pre-disaster plan.
  • Assistance in finding temporary housing or other related services should the need arise.

To be a part of our priority extreme program, please call 412-599-0023 or email us at

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