Pittsburgh Smoke Damage Restoration

Where there’s fire, there’s smoke. Structures and contents can be damaged by smoke even after a relatively small, contained, quickly extinguished fire. Areas seemingly untouched by fire are still susceptible to the consequences of lingering smoke residues. The longer these residues linger, the more they spread, and the more damage they do.

If the cleanup of soot isn’t performed immediately, smoke residue turns acidic, spreads quickly, and eventually corrodes, discolors, or stains surfaces and belongings. Metals begin to tarnish. Wood and vinyl belonging will need to be refinished. Odor-causing residues penetrate the cracks, crevices, and cavities of a structure for a pungent smell that becomes increasingly difficult to mask or eliminate.

Things to Know About Smoke Damage

  • Hot smoke drifts to a structure’s coolest areas and upper floors.
  • Smoke infiltrates a structure’s plumbing system using crevices around pipes to move from one floor to the next.
  • The smoke damage restoration process is greatly affected by the type of soot and smoke damage that occurred. For instance, low-heat smoldering fires creates wet smoke residues that are sticky, smeary, pungent, and difficult to clean. Residues from high-temperature fast burning fires are typically dried, powdery, and non-smeary.

Complete Smoke Damage Cleaning, Restoration, and Repairs

The experienced technicians at Massaro Restoration Services, LLC are certified through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to assist with office, industrial, or commercial smoke damage cleanup and restoration.

Our professionals will thoroughly inspect your property to determine the full extent of fire and smoke damage to ascertain the affected materials, what damaged materials and items are salvageable, and what restoration procedures will be needed. We’ll provide you with an estimated timeframe for cleanup and let you know what to expect.

Like our motto says, “There is nothing we can’t undo!”

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