Water loss mitigation is a science


Mitigating damage caused by water leaks, spills, rain penetration, or flooding is not simply sucking up and fan drying the offending water. Anyone who only relies on these means to remove unwanted water from structures or contents is simply not doing it right.

Water extraction is an evolved science that encompasses a professional assessment of the water damage and the creation of a plan of action for recovery. The professionals in this industry are Certified Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) or Certified Mold Technicians (CMT). They utilize established equations and properties of materials, psychrometry (the study of gas-vapor mixtures), an understanding of mold and microbial activity, and water restoration equipment technology to determine the set of industry accepted mitigation protocols to use.

The use of equations, properties of materials, and psychometrics is needed because water behaves differently depending on its state (liquid, gas, or solid), temperature, the type of material it has penetrated (wood, dry wall, ceramic, concrete, cloth, etc.), and the environmental conditions (relative humidity & temperature). Once all of these parameters are known, calculations are made to determine the most efficient extraction rate possible without causing additional damage.

Mold and microbial growth is possible in the presence of water so it’s vital that the offending water be extracted as soon as possible. Although everyone has seen mold in the past, in many cases mold is not visible. Determining the presence of non-visible mold requires a Certified Mold Technician to take swab samples of the affected material and send the samples to a certified lab for analysis.

There is a wide range of water restoration equipment available to perform water extraction. Suffice to say that it is important to have the right equipment selected for the particular water restoration job at hand.

As you can see, it’s impossible to describe water restoration science in a short blog (or in laymen’s terms for that matter). My goal was to try to impress upon you that there is a lot of knowledge that goes into professional water restoration. The good news is that we, at Massaro Restoration, have this knowledge so you can feel at ease that the job will be completed at the highest levels of excellence as possible.

Tavella_FrancoArticle by Franco Tavella, Business Development Executive



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